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Matthew had create a way to help all of us in our business by his business solutions software development.
We are using power leads pro as our main source for leads. We have tried so many companies before, but nothing matched the quality and the values that we are getting from Power Leads Pro. Matthew updating often the software, and providing many new and valuable plugins to the software. I can defiantly tell, that to our company it provided a value which is higher that 5 million dollars during the years. I recommend his software to any business, who need to call B2B fresh leads. Eran Hurvitz WIsdek
Matthew has created a brilliant system for lead generation for those wanting to do work with local businesses. He is constantly improving upon the robust system he's already created, and is very responsive to customer needs and requests.
Great to work with. Matthew is a true professional and his software simply rocks!
Matthew is a top notch owner/develper of PowerLeadsPro. He keeps members abreast of upcoming improvements, as well as notice of glitches they are working to fix. He takes feedback/suggestions into consideration, and promptly addresses issues and strives to resolve them. He is constantly improving/ expanding his product. He has developed several other software products that are extremely helpful as well. I have purchased/ used several => very helpful.
I've purchased Matthew's products since he was first staring out in IM. He has always overdelivered on value but PLP (Power Leads Pro) is the most amazing of the lot. A powerful tool, dependable, easy to use. Heck, I haven't used half of what it can do - all the custom landing pages, for instance. And he continues to improve and enhance it. Plus, support is outstanding. Matthew's PLP is one of the best marketing investments you'll ever make.
Matthew has always answered my questions in a very quick, responsive manner. I appreciate the service Matthew provides.
Matthew's software is by far the best of it's kind. I have had great success using it. He and his team are very innovative and responsive to the needs of their clients. Thanks Matt!
When it comes to Lead Automation, Matt has an in-depth knowledge of what needs to get done, and he gets it done too.. He is a Real Expert.
Matthew is extremely innovative in his product, Power Leads ProX, a lead generation software that has successfully generated leads for me not only by targeting a business type but also in a specific city location. Matthew has been extremely responsive and timely in reacting to problem calls and spent no less than 4 hours with me working on a solution that revealed a local problem on my computer unrelated to his software. The out-of-the box, inventive updates most recently include SMS or Voice Broadcast leads directly from Power Leads Pro lead generation software, a feature I have [...]
Matthew is innovative, hard working and experienced at out of the box lead generation ideas, creating software solutions that are always cutting edge.
Matthew is a results-focused individual who has been responsible for development of the Power Leads Pro software that we have had terrific results with! The support provided by Matthew and his team is fast and effective.
I have known Matthew for a while now and I can tell you that everything he brings out is top-notch! Power Leads Pro is no different. It's one of the coolest software I’ve ever used. I’ve been using it since the end of 2010 and I still am amazed by how awesome and versatile it is. And it continues to get better.The thing is, Matthew the creator of PLP, is constantly updating it. This software will help you easily find all the leads you need to build the business you have always desired. Probably the most popular use is to find the information to contact local businesses for doing [...]

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